Installation Guide – ADI OtoSense Quality Control User Documentation

Product Description

OtoSense Quality Control enables automating any sensor-driven Quality Control operations, adapting to any manufacturing operation. OtoSense Quality Control is an industrial hardware + software system that leverages Artificial Intelligence to learn the nominal behavior of the processes and parts to control. For more information or any questions about Analog Devices and OtoSense, visit our website or reach us at

Product Presentation

OtoSense Quality Control allows performing any sensing-driven Quality Control operation on a production line, at the edge, in real time.

OtoSense Quality Control is leveraging the OtoSense Sensing Interpretation AI, which has proven its ability to detect anomalies and identify events across a broad range of industries and applications.

OtoSense Quality Control adapts to any part or process and also encourages inputs and feedbacks from technicians and engineers to learn how to better detect quality issues and identify their root cause over time. All this through an intuitive User Interface (UI), REST APIs and directly accessible local data storage.

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