Quality Control Use Case – Automated Assembly

Automated Assembly

Adi Otosense™ Quality Control Solution Detects Damage to Parts During Automated Assembly


An international car manufacturer uses a robot to assemble an axle joint. The parts can be damaged during this process and, when they are, it often happens sequentially. The person in charge of this process can hear the parts tearing, but since he is monitoring several operations at the same time, he is not always there to detect the problem immediately. By the time he notices, many parts must be removed for inspection — slowing production, and some undetected damaged parts continue to be assembled. This defect does not pose a safety hazard to passengers, but it does cause a squeaky sound when the car is driven, which degrades the customer experience and thus the manufacturer’s brand image.

While a pressure sensor on the robot verifies that the joint has been inserted, there is no sensor to confirm the integrity of the parts after insertion.


Extract defective parts in real time.

  • Identify and track parts under test
  • Detect anomalies during the insertion cycle
  • Automatically extract suspect parts for manual inspection