Quality Control Use Case – Compressors

Use Case Compressor

Automotive OEM Establishes a Sensor-Based End-Of-Line Quality Control Solution for Compressors


Large automotive supplier released a new electric compressor product line for high-end electric vehicles. They discovered that some of these units excessively vibrated under certain operating conditions, impacting compressor performance. To identify these early, they added specialized test equipment and subjective human-audible testing to their manufacturing process, in order to maintain the expected quality of products shipped to customers.

These tests were time consuming, labor intensive and did not support high volume production.

They needed a reliable, fast, and scalable end-of-line quality control solution in order to more optimally identify compressors of subpar quality.


Rapidly isolate substandard compressors during production line testing.

The testing solution must:

  • Support high volume production
  • Quickly and accurately identify substandard units without impact on production throughput
  • Scale to test compressor model variants across multiple production lines