Quality Control Use Case – Stamping Press

Stamping Press

Adi OtoSense™ Controls Metal Scrap Evacuation of a Stamping Press for a European Car Manufacturer


The maintenance team of this large manufacturer reported frequent downtime on the stamping presses due to an intermittent jamming of scraps, with repair costs ranging from 5k to 20k euros ($6k to $25k) once a week.

They turned to their company’s research and development (R&D) team to find a solution that would help avoid these breakdowns.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert of the R&D team decided to explore AI solutions that would leverage acoustic and vibration signals to better predict and prevent downtime.


In-process control of the metal press to alert operators when anomalies are detected.

The manufacturer’s specifications were rigorous:

  • Noninvasive evaluation of metal scrap evacuation, adapting to the tools used
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) to select the tool/ process being used
  • Real-time visual alerts on the workstation
  • Direct access to stored sessions through an intuitive HM