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ADI OtoSense™ Quality Control is an AI-driven sensing interpretation hardware and software solution that automates operations in your manufacturing environment.
  • Catches elusive defects
  • Any part, any process
  • Accelerates testing
  • In real time, at the edge
  • Catches elusive defects
  • Any part, any process
  • Accelerates testing
  • In real time, at the edge


Real-time quality control, where you need it

ADI OtoSense Quality Control makes sense of complex signals in real time. This sensor-driven quality control solution combines sensor inputs with any existing data available on the factory floor. When an issue is detected, notifications can be shared to the appropriate audience through your desired channels, anything from a light tower, a display, an industrial automation system, or via our secure API.

ADI OtoSense Quality Control directly assesses the quality of manufactured parts and/or infers their condition by monitoring the machines that build or move them anywhere on the line. This combination allows for thorough quality control of each unit prior to shipment, even when the throughput is fast.


Better quality, higher throughput

Reduces testing time

ADI OtoSense Quality Control detects and predicts anomalies within seconds. Whether the product quickly passes on a conveyor belt or undergoes a complex recipe to be thoroughly verified, the test time allocated to each can be reduced.

Catches hidden defects

OtoSense® Artificial Intelligence is dedicated to the interpretation of complex signals. Its advanced anomaly detection and event recognition capabilities enable identification of defects that are impossible or costly to detect with standard methods.

Adapts to any part or process

ADI OtoSense Quality Control learns the behavior of each of your processes and parts. The system switches in real time between models to adapt to the variability of parts produced and the complexity of the associated test recipes.

Use cases

Trusted on the factory floor

ADI OtoSense Quality Control has been designed with the real world of factory floors in mind. Its cutting edge AI features come with all the robustness, reliability, safety and scalability you expect from an industrial system.

  • Stamping press

    $200K/year saving

    A Metal Stamping Press is an extremely powerful, yet fragile piece of equipment. A scrap metal jam, a rising slug or a lubrication issue can result in a long and expensive downtime.

    For a major automotive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), ADI OtoSense Quality Control identifies anomalies in the evacuation of scrap metal of this 2,000-ton stamping press, to reduce the downtime and damages induced by scrap metal jams.

    To achieve this, ADI OtoSense Quality Control learned the behavior of this press, across 60 different parts it produces, using non-intrusive sensors (one microphone and three accelerometers)  as well as PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) data.

  • Pick & place

    100% Damage check

    A single wafer hosts tens of thousands of dies— final semiconductor products. A single scratch on an edge will have a catastrophic impact on hundreds of dies made from that wafer.

    Analog Devices own manufacturing facilities trust ADI OtoSense Quality Control to check the operation of the robot that moves silicon wafers within the Gasonics tools.

    Using a microphone, sound is acquired as the wafer transfers between the cassette, chamber and cooling plate. The system alerts technicians if it detects any scratch or chip. The damaged wafer can be removed and prevented from completing the remaining processes only to be scrapped at the end.

  • High-pressure pump

    Test time cut by 35%

    High-Pressure Pumps used for large reverse osmosis operations have to sustain constant operations in harsh, saltine conditions, for years at a time. For this customer, quality is not an option. Each pump undergoes a thorough End-of-Line test, involving a complex recipe breaking the pump in and pushing it to its limits.

    ADI OtoSense Quality Control leverages all the existing sensing data and an additional vibration sensor attached to the test rig to predict the outcome of the test recipe before it is over, with 100% confidence, reducing the test time by 35%.

    Accelerating the test time allows to test more pumps every day, increasing throughput.

  • Compressor

    Predicting the undetectable

    Manufacturing the air conditioning compressors that keep us comfortable in our cars requires producing a complex good at high volume, with very limited testing time available. Our customer, an automotive manufacturer, is reaching the highest quality standards: they were concerned with an elusive fault that was not identified during the standard End-of-Line testing.

    ADI OtoSense Quality Control, acquiring data from a single microphone, learned the test recipes of the various compressor types and became able to predict this elusive fault during the End of Line testing. By sending its output in real time to the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), the questionable part can be automatically removed from the line for further inspection.

  • Fridge

    100% Testing enabled

    Any manufacturer fears for its reputation when a product leaves its warehouse without having been tested.

    A major white goods manufacturer finally found a way to go beyond the acceptance sampling plans and is now able to test the entirety of its production before they are put in the hands of customers.

    As the refrigerators reach the End-of-Line on a conveyor belt and pass by ADI OtoSense Quality Control, their serial number is collected along with a few seconds of sound. By reading the serial number, ADI OtoSense Quality Control deduces the fridge model and applies the corresponding AI model to control the quality of the compressor: 100% of the production is now tested.

  • Robotic assembly operation

    Catching damaged part

    Robotic assembly involves performing complex tasks requiring powerful, yet extremely precise operations. Sometimes, an operation goes wrong, the assembled part is damaged. In most situations, the damage is caught but well down the line, adding to the initial damage the need to disassemble the part that includes it.

    Our customer, an automotive manufacturer, put ADI OtoSense Quality Control to the task of controlling the quality of an assembly operation that involves forcing a metallic or plastic cylinder into a metal tube.

    ADI OtoSense Quality Control, acquiring data from two microphones, is able to identify a major failure mode, providing through PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) a real-time output allowing to flag this part and put it aside for human inspection, preventing it from continuing its path down the line.

A leap forward

ADI OtoSense Quality Control is not limited to the interpretation of rotating machines and stationary signals, it proves particularly efficient when describing complex machines or processes: multiple moving parts, transient events, complex recipes.

How it works

Test fast, miss nothing

The ADI OtoSense Quality Control software performs all the quality control operations at the edge, in real time. The hardware used is sourced from the most trusted suppliers in the industry, providing the best association of performance and flexibility. Analog Devices' (ADI) 55-years of expertise with sensing and signal chains ensure that best-in-class sensing data is provided to the software.


Any part or process

Test any part or process where quality can be inferred from sensing signals.

Data from automation

Timestamp, ID and more

Use any sensing modality and data from the industrial automation system.

Analog sensor inputs

Wide range of IEPE sensors

IEPE sensors can be directly wired to the edge device. This allows choosing from a wide range of sound and vibration sensors, adapted to your application.

User interface

Access data, provide feedback

The User Interface (UI) can be accessed from any computer on the same network. The UI enables system management, data access, and human feedback on data, thus improving the performance of the system over time.

Direct output

Real time signalling

Direct outputs, like a signal tower, can be directly plugged into the edge device

Computing & storage

OtoSense-enabled edge device

An OtoSense-enabled edge device performs the quality control operations, running AI models locally. It stores raw data and results, and makes them available via a User Interface, an industrial automation system like PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and APIs.


User and device management

The remote ADI OtoSense™ server is used for user and device management as well as limited data exchange. The user has complete control over their data


Trusted by experts

Georg Herborg Enevoldsen
R&D Director, Danfoss High Pressure Pumps

Our relationship (with ADI) was built around AI and Quality Control. The “aha!” moment for us occurred when we realized their technology had the ability to both detect and diagnose very specific events with our pumps - not just vague areas of potential problems leaving us to connect the dots. This has helped us learn very quickly, and now we’re seeing the potential for faster and more energy-efficient, post-production testing because of it.

Georg Herborg Enevoldsen
R&D Director, Danfoss High Pressure Pumps
Georg Herborg Enevoldsen
R&D Director, Danfoss High Pressure Pumps

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