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Real-time quality control, where you need it

ADI OtoSense Quality Control makes sense of complex signals in real time. This sensor-driven quality control solution combines sensor inputs with any existing data available on the factory floor. When an issue is detected, notifications can be shared to the appropriate audience through your desired channels, anything from a light tower, a display, an industrial automation system, or via our secure API.


ADI OtoSense Quality Control directly assesses the quality of manufactured parts and/or infers their condition by monitoring the machines that build or move them anywhere on the line. This combination allows for thorough quality control of each unit prior to shipment, even when the throughput is fast.

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Better quality, higher throughput

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Reduces testing time

ADI OtoSense Quality Control detects and predicts anomalies within seconds. Whether the product quickly passes on a conveyor belt or undergoes a complex recipe to be thoroughly verified, the test time allocated to each can be reduced.

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Catches hidden defects

OtoSense® Artificial Intelligence is dedicated to the interpretation of complex signals. Its advanced anomaly detection and event recognition capabilities enable identification of defects that are impossible or costly to detect with standard methods.

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Adapts to any part or process

ADI OtoSense Quality Control learns the behavior of each of your processes and parts. The system switches in real time between models to adapt to the variability of parts produced and the complexity of the associated test recipes.

Use cases

Trusted on the factory floor

ADI OtoSense Quality Control has been designed with the real world of factory floors in mind. Its cutting edge AI features come with all the robustness, reliability, safety and scalability you expect from an industrial system.

A leap forward

ADI OtoSense Quality Control has been designed with the real world of factory floors in mind. Its cutting edge AI features come with all the robustness, reliability, safety and scalability you expect from an industrial system.

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How it works

Test fast, miss nothing

The ADI OtoSense Quality Control software performs all the quality control operations at the edge, in real time. The hardware used is sourced from the most trusted suppliers in the industry, providing the best association of performance and flexibility. Analog Devices' (ADI) 55-years of expertise with sensing and signal chains ensure that best-in-class sensing data is provided to the software.


Trusted by experts

Our relationship (with ADI) was built around AI and CbM. The “aha!” moment for us occurred when we realized their technology had the ability to both detect and diagnose very specific events with our pumps - not just vague areas of potential problems leaving us to connect the dots. This has helped us learn very quickly, and now we’re seeing the potential for faster and more energy-efficient, post-production testing because of it.


Georg Herborg Enevoldsen

R&D Director, Danfoss High Pressure Pumps

Trusted by experts

At Mahle, we are focused on delivering a superior customer experience through our high performance eCompressors. OtoSense’ Quality Control enables us to meet our production growth targets by accelerating the quality control process, while operating at the same high level of excellence


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MAHLE Manufacturing Management, Inc.

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Trusted by experts

By offering us an end-to-end solution, from acoustic signal collection to the interface for classifying anomalies detected by machine learning, the OtoSense solution allows us to engage our line operators to improve system performance. This allows us to address new use cases, encouraging the adoption of the solution by workers on the line.


Antoine Leblanc

Expert Industry 4.0 Renault Group

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