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ADI OtoSense™ Smart Motor Sensor monitors the health of low voltage electric motors. It provides diagnostics and severity level insights into nine different fault types and prescribes recommended actions to address any of these faults before failure occurs. These insights enable machinists to forecast maintenance cycles and avoid costly, unplanned downtime. OtoSense Smart Motor Sensor is a secure, reliable and scalable, condition-based monitoring solution backed by ADI.

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Smart Motor Sensor

Turnkey hardware and software solution

Real-time monitoring of motor health reduces maintenance, operating and warranty costs. Analog Device’s predictive maintenance solution for low-voltage motors provides a complete solution capable of securely monitoring the motor and providing insights into the operation of the load.

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Modular digital platform

Designed to be lightweight and at the edge

Other competitive offerings require powerful computers and more data to be sent to the cloud. ADI OtoSense can be customized and packaged to create turnkey solutions or deployed independently to complete any existing platform.

You can optimize and choose modules à la carte, aligning to your specific use case requirements. Apply in any number of environments and contexts. Deployable modules can be used in any existing environment – in a factory network, edge device or tablet.

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Guard asset health

See the health score of the asset continuously. Increase uptime and improve quality and productivity by prioritizing machine maintenance based on criticality and cost.

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Improve efficiency

Monitor and collect information on an asset throughout its lifecycle. Be constantly aware if an event is a severe problem or nothing at all. Take action before faulty products ship to your customers.

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Augment your team

Supplement your team's  knowledge and help them make better and quicker decisions. Eliminate repetitive work and free them up to focus on more cognitive problem-solving tasks.


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With the technology of ADI Otosense and in particular with the SMS, we manage to eliminate manual routes of predictive maintenance guaranteeing the reading of data of critical equipment that are not always working, we obtain very detailed and reliable information of the state of the machine, and we are more efficient with our maintenance staff dedicated to accurate diagnostic fault repairs.


Marçal Gotanegra

CMO Maintenance Manager at Corbion

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Trusted by experts

Most predictive analytics solutions in the facilities industry depend on integration with building automation systems. OtoSense let’s building owners inexpensively remotely monitor critical motors without expensive wiring & system integration, and often when no BAS exists.


Rick Rolston

President and Founder, BuiltSpace Technologies

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Trusted by experts

One of the major benefits of this sensor is that you don’t have to set alarm levels. This solution is self-learning. So, you don’t waste time on false positives, and you don’t have to deal with false negatives.


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Directeur, Bracke EB Groep

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2021 Digitalization Automation Award Winner: OtoSense Smart Motor Sensor

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