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O'Neill Industrial

OtoSense™ Smart Motor Sensor Solution helps to eliminate the disruption to your business and the stress caused by unexpected motor failure. The Smart Motor Sensor is a Predictive Maintenance device which monitors motors in real-time, ensuring early detection of motor faults and allowing for planned repair or replacement of motors that eliminates the financial loss associated with downtime

Austin O’Neill
Director Air Compressor Division, O'Neill Industrial


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With the technology of ADI Otosense and in particular with the SMS, we manage to eliminate manual routes of predictive maintenance guaranteeing the reading of data of critical equipment that are not always working, we obtain very detailed and reliable information of the state of the machine, and we are more efficient with our maintenance staff dedicated to accurate diagnostic fault repairs.


Marçal Gotanegra

CMO Maintenance Manager at Corbion

Image of Marcal Gotanegra

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Most predictive analytics solutions in the facilities industry depend on integration with building automation systems. OtoSense let’s building owners inexpensively remotely monitor critical motors without expensive wiring & system integration, and often when no BAS exists.


Rick Rolston

President and Founder, BuiltSpace Technologies

Image of Rick Rolston

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One of the major benefits of this sensor is that you don’t have to set alarm levels. This solution is self-learning. So, you don’t waste time on false positives, and you don’t have to deal with false negatives.


Joris Bracke

Directeur, Bracke EB Groep

Image of Joris Bracke

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The SMS device from ADI OtoSense allows us to efficiently monitor the motors of important machines in our power generation process, such as gas turbine cooling fans, hydraulic oil control pumps, or closed-circuit refrigeration pumps. In this way, we eliminate preventitve work and optimize the measurement of manual vibrations, saving man-hours of maintenance and preventing operators from accessing dangerous places or high elevations.


Gonzalo Gracia De La Rosa

Maintenance Plant Manager at Naturgy

Image of Gonzalo Gracia De La Rosa


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