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2021 Digitalization Automation Award Winner: OtoSense Smart Motor Sensor


Rethink your predictive maintenance strategy

ADI OtoSense SMS optimizes your production environment and reduces breakdowns using robust condition-based monitoring hardware and software. Realize benefits such as lowering asset maintenance costs, extending equipment life, and increasing uptime.

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Monitor in realtime

Monitor your equipment more frequently to know when mechanical and electrical failures start to occur and how these issues impact your production process.

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Take action

A unique model is created for each motor to deliver optimized diagnostics that align with the process. The Smart Motor Sensor provides information you can use to not only diagnose the problem but know the severity so maintenance teams can take action.

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Optimize business

By continuously monitoring your motor performance and health, you will have better visibility into maintenance and spare parts needs to know what to order and when to order, reducing inventory costs.


More than just a sensor

ADI OtoSense Smart Motor Sensor (SMS) monitors the condition of your electric motors by combining best-in-class sensing technologies with leading-edge data analysis. ADI OtoSense SMS detects anomalies and defects in equipment, enabling you to forecast maintenance cycles and avoid unplanned downtime.

Agnostic of motor type, ADI OtoSense SMS covers the most critical diagnostics, translating data into actionable insights. The Smart Motor Sensor allows for 24/7 condition-based monitoring of all your low voltage electric motors. It presents information in a clear way, telling you both what the problem is and how to fix it.

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Decorative screenshot of OtoSense product on a machine


Get a complete overview of your machine health diagnosis and fault detection with detailed information and visualization of each motor's status.

Mobile application

The ADI OtoSense SMS App allows easy setup of your Smart Motor Sensors, visibility on deployment data, and in-app notifications and alerts on critical events

Identified fault types

Sensing interpretation at its best

ADI OtoSense Smart Motor Sensor (SMS) is the most accurate solution on the market to sense and interpret your machine data. This is why we define ourselves as a sensing interpretation world leader. The SMS can detect the following failures:


This performance indicator identifies potential systemic issues that are indicative of a load problem or process change that might require further action on the system and manufacturing process.

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How it works

Simple to deploy,
24/7 condition based monitoring

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Set up

Configure the ADI OtoSense SMS using the iOS/Android app. Deploy the Smart Motor Sensor within minutes, even while your motor is still running.

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Once the sensor is set up on the motor and is commisioned, the learning process has started. Leave sensor running during normal operation conditions.

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Receive alerts

View your alerts in the mobile app or the web dashboard. This allows you to prevent any electric motor failures.

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Integration made easy

Our developer-friendly API allows you to integrate ADI OtoSense SMS insights directly into your platform to build action orientated systems with ease.

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Partner program

Our business is to enable yours

You understand your customers and their needs better than anyone else. With ADI OtoSense’s tailored partner solution, we provide you with a complete ecosystem that includes branded hardware, software and mobile apps. Deepen your customer relationships by monitoring their assets in real-time and transform your business by expanding your services. ADI OtoSense helps you deliver even more value.

O'Neill Industrial

OtoSense™ Smart Motor Sensor Solution helps to eliminate the disruption to your business and the stress caused by unexpected motor failure. The Smart Motor Sensor is a Predictive Maintenance device which monitors motors in real-time, ensuring early detection of motor faults and allowing for planned repair or replacement of motors that eliminates the financial loss associated with downtime

Austin O’Neill
Director Air Compressor Division, O'Neill Industrial


Secure by design, end to end

ADI OtoSense SMS is designed from end to end with industry-best security protocols and controls, which ensure that SMS data and insights maintain their accuracy and precision, are reliably processed and transmitted with no interruptions, and are always and only accessible by authorized OtoSense SMS users.

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Technical information

Specifications and requirements

Motor compatibility
Motor compatibility

The Smart Motor Sensor (SMS) works with:

  • 3-phase squirrel cage induction motor.
  • Standard low voltage IEC and NEMA motors.
  • Frames up to 450 (IEC 60034) or 500 (NEMA MG1) whose power range varies from 0.37 kW to 500 kW or from 0.5 hp to 700 hp.
  • Motors driven by any type of device (directly on line (DOL)), by variable frequency drive (VFD), soft starter, and star-delta.


Improve performance,
no matter the environment

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing requires on tightly controlled conditions to deliver critical medical and healthcare supplies to customers. Eliminating unplanned stops and reducing downtimes minimize material and product loss, while maintaining production throughputs so critical supplies can be delivered on time and within specification to your customers.

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Food & beverage

Food and beverage production relies on continuous operation to meet population demands while minimizing variation. Line stops directly impact food quality, yields and potentially contribute to contamination. Monitoring cooling systems and other critical equipment minimizes potential downtime and ensures high levels of operation to meet the growing demand across the globe.

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Beyond the main generators at energy plants is a supporting network of equally critical motors and equipment. Downtime in this equipment will impact on the overall power output of the plant. By continuously monitoring this equipment, manual maintenance routines can be removed, costs reduced and efficiency process improved.

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Water utilities

Droughts occur more and more frequently in today's world. As a consequence, water resources need to be managed more effectively. The Smart Motor Sensor provides a cost efficient and reliable solution for your remote pump operation. For example, it allows a better use of aquifers. It can also benefit other activities such as the proliferation of wastewater treatment, water purification, desalination and transfers between basins.

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In the paper industry, the proper functioning of paper machine motors is vital. The failure of one of the motor that drive the different rollers or pumps of the process will be enough to cause a production stop and loss of material. ADI OtoSense SMS facilitates monitoring of these motors along with others on critical machines that drive pulpers, ensuring production uptime.


Trusted by experts

With the technology of ADI Otosense and in particular with the SMS, we manage to eliminate manual routes of predictive maintenance guaranteeing the reading of data of critical equipment that are not always working, we obtain very detailed and reliable information of the state of the machine, and we are more efficient with our maintenance staff dedicated to accurate diagnostic fault repairs.


Marçal Gotanegra

CMO Maintenance Manager at Corbion

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